2016-17 Baseball Schedule
  • * Conference Event
  • % Scrimmage
  • ^ Exhibition
  • Home events are in bold
Schedule for 2016-17 Baseball
 DayTime OpponentScore Record 
 11:30 PM vs. Carl Albert State College Details
 83:00 PM @ Murray State College Details
 91:00 PM vs. Southwestern Christian University (OK) Details
 131:30 PM @ Crowder College Details
 Game Played at Rogers State University, Claremore Oklahoma
 142:00 PM vs. Weatherford College Details
 Game played at University of Texas Arlington
 193:00 PM @ Northern Oklahoma - Enid Details
 22  vs. Western Oklahoma State College Details
 Game played at Oklahoma State University TBA
 272:00 PM vs. Grayson College Details
 Game played at University of Oklahoma
 293:00 PM @ Oklahoma Christian Details
 3012:00 PM vs. Murray State College Details
 OK vs Kansas Fall Festival at Oklahoma Christian University
 6:00 PM vs. Butler Community College Details
 OK vs Kansas Fall Festival at Oklahoma Christian University
 43:00 PM vs. Murray State College Details
 61:00 PM @ Rose State College Details
 122:00 PM vs. Grayson College Details
 1612:00 PM @ East Central University Oklahoma Details
 2110:00 AM vs. Vernon (TX) Details
 Murray State Festival
 1:00 PM vs. Grayson College Details
 Murray State Festival
 91:30 PM vs. Iowa WesternL-4-5 (11 Innings)stats0-1 Details
 11  @ Crowder CollegeL-5-8stats0-2 Details
 Game 2 @ Crowder CollegeL-7-14stats0-3 Details
 161:30 PM vs. Oklahoma ChristianW-2-1stats1-3 Details
 Game 2 vs. Oklahoma ChristianW-8-3stats2-3 Details
 172:00 PM vs. Carl Albert State CollegeW-11-3stats3-3 Details
 Game 2 vs. Carl Albert State CollegeW-7-6stats4-3 Details
 181:00 PM @ Carl Albert State CollegeW-9-1stats5-3 Details
 Game 2 @ Carl Albert State CollegeW-6-3stats6-3 Details
 21  @ Vernon (TX)W-12-1stats7-3 Details
 Game 2 @ Vernon (TX)W-13-5stats8-3 Details
 23  @ Cowley CollegeW-10-4stats9-3 Details
 Game 2 @ Cowley CollegeW-5-1stats10-3 Details
 251:00 PM vs. Cowley CollegeL-2-7stats10-4 Details
 Game 2 vs. Cowley CollegeW-13-6stats11-4 Details
 272:00 PM @ Murray State CollegeW-9-412-4 Details
 *JV Game
 12:30 PM @ RedlandsW-17-6stats13-4 Details
 3  @ Western Oklahoma State CollegeW-12-3stats14-4 Details
 4  @ Western Oklahoma State CollegeL-14-18stats14-5 Details
 52:00 PM vs. Western Oklahoma State CollegeW-5-4stats15-5 Details
 86:30 PM vs. Hutchinson (KS)W-13-12stats16-5 Details
 Game played at Oklahoma Christian
 1212:00 PM vs. South Mountain (AZ)W-8-4stats17-5 Details
 Arizona Spring Break Games March 11th - March 18th
 133:00 PM vs. Phoenix CollegeL-7-12stats17-6 Details
 1412:00 PM vs. Paradise Valley Community CollegeW-15-4stats18-6 Details
 156:00 PM vs. Phoenix CollegeW-4-3 (11 Innings)stats19-6 Details
 1612:00 PM vs. Glendale Community CollegeL-2-3stats19-7 Details
 212:00 PM vs. Murray State CollegeW-12-2stats20-7 Details
 Game 2 vs. Murray State College Details
 JV Game
 236:00 PM vs. Oklahoma ChristianW-10-0stats21-7 Details
 28  @ Neosho County (KS) Details
 Game 2 @ Neosho County (KS) Details
 303:00 PM @ Oklahoma Christian Details
14:00 PM vs. Eastern Oklahoma State College Details
 Game played at Murray State College
 6:30 PM @ Murray State College Details
 42:00 PM @ Butler Community College Details
61:00 PM vs. Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College Details
Game 2 vs. Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College Details
81:00 PM @ Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College Details
Game 2 @ Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College Details
 112:30 PM vs. Hesston College Details
131:00 PM vs. Connors State College Details
Game 2 vs. Connors State College Details
151:00 PM @ Connors State College Details
Game 2 @ Connors State College Details
201:00 PM vs. Arkansas Baptist College Details
Game 2 vs. Arkansas Baptist College Details
221:00 PM @ Arkansas Baptist College Details
Game 2 @ Arkansas Baptist College Details
271:00 PM vs. Eastern Oklahoma State College Details
Game 2 vs. Eastern Oklahoma State College Details
291:00 PM @ Eastern Oklahoma State College Details
Game 2 @ Eastern Oklahoma State College Details
 16:00 PM @ Murray State College Details
41:00 PM vs. Rose State College Details
Game 2 vs. Rose State College Details
61:00 PM @ Rose State College Details
Game 2 @ Rose State College Details
 11  vs. TBA Details
 Region II Tournament- Woodward, OK
 26  vs. TBA Details
 World Series - Grand Junction, CO